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Being a MArteCard partner means having a tool to enter a world made of artistic passions and people who constantly live for and with art, a MovimentoLive where everything actively revolves around culture through all its manifestations and contaminations.
The Card was created with the same objectives and needs as Procult and MArteLive: to spread and promote the enjoyment and creation of works of art among young people. This means that, thanks to it, the wall that often prevents young people from experiencing culture in an easier and more direct way can finally be knocked down, bridging the gap thanks to the discounts that the Card offers to attend shows, concerts and events, to enter museums, to buy books, records, musical instruments, fine arts materials, to attend courses in schools, etc.
It is a card that gives culture a high educational and social value and has been designed to meet the needs of artists as well as those of the public, which is why it is aimed above all at artists and those who love art, enjoy it or wish to enjoy it more regularly and intensely.