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Cultural Association MArteCard

The MArteCard Cultural Association was officially established in 2010, but the project has been alive for several years and has developed thanks to other associations in our territory.

MArteCard was founded in 2003 with the idea of creating a tool always at hand for artists and professionals in the world of art and culture, a tool capable of reducing the high costs of production and creation of art in Italy.

Also in 2003, the idea of developing a service card dedicated to artists and professionals, but also to the public of events, was born. Through a series of agreements and partnerships with different realities on the territory, the card would have offered discounts and facilities in the world of art and culture.

In 2004 the organising team coordinated by Francesco Lo Brutto, current president of the Association, found in the Procult Cultural Association, organiser of the MArteLive festival for years, the ideal partner to develop the new project and it was decided to associate the new card with the artistic competitions organised by MArteLive and to call it MArteLiveCard.

The intention was to develop the MArteLiveCard by exploiting MArteLive’s huge artistic pool and offering it free of charge to all artists enrolled in MArteLive competitions, thus promoting its diffusion as much as possible.

Between 2005 and 2009 more than 250 agreements were established with venues, theatres, art galleries and accommodation of all kinds, shops specialising in art and culture, cultural promotion organisations, training organisations, events and festivals in the area, and a national structure began to be set up.

In 2007, in particular, work also began in the area of training by establishing a partnership with the Cultural Association ARTmosfera, which was already involved in designing training courses specialising in the organisation and promotion of cultural events. The MArteLiveCard would also have offered discounts for participation in ARTmosfera’s courses. The training is seen as a crucial node to convey the message the main objectives of the future Cultural Association MArteCard.

On 22-04-2010, after 6 years of incubation, the MArteCard Cultural Association was officially born, and in addition to the official birth of the project, it also changed its name and perspectives. MArteCard presents itself as a new reality in the associative panorama of Lazio and aims to create a dense network of collaborations and partnerships at a regional level first, and then at a national level, allowing residents of small towns in the province to access events, initiatives, training and cultural products at reduced costs.

Since 2004 MArteCard has involved about 5000 people every year throughout Italy, including artists, professionals and the public, thanks to the events and initiatives of its partners. From 2011 MArteCard will promote numerous initiatives aimed at raising awareness among professionals and institutions to make a concrete commitment to reducing the cost of access to culture.

The strategy will be to interact with individual entities already active at local level by organising events and special projects aimed at enhancing and promoting the art and culture of individual territories.

In 2010 a collaboration began with the young Cultural Association Gurù of PICO in the province of Frosinone, which was identified as the first area of intervention and experimentation of the new phase of MArteCard.

In 2011 he won the Call for Proposals of the Municipalities of Rome Capital and thanks to the contribution obtained he realised the first edition of 99Arts – international festival of visual and extemporary art.

In 2012 it won the call for proposals to support the production of live shows in Lazio – R.L. 10 July 1978, n. 32 – with the theatrical project AUFF!

In 2016 it won the Estate Romana call for proposals for the third edition of 99 ARTS.

In 2017 he won the Nuovo IMAIE call for proposals for live performances.

Between 2018 and 2019 it organised several concerts and live performances and in December it won the “Itinerario Giovani” call for proposals at Palazzo Doria Pamphili in San Martino al Cimino for the realisation of the training and performance event “Art In Progress”.